In you level up by destroying shapes and other players. At level 15, 30, and 45 you can change the class of your take to make it more powerful. Here are all of the Classes:

Level 1

Tank - this is the tank that you start the game with. It has no special abilities.

Level 15

Machine Gun(from tank) - this tank gains increased fire rate but is less accurate.

Sniper(from tank) - this tank can see farther but has a slower fire rate.

Twin(from tank) - this tank gets an increase in fire rate and has two forward facing guns.

Flank Guard(from tank) - this tank gets a backwards facing gun

Level 30

Smasher(from tank) - this tank has no guns but can upgrade it health regeneration, max health, body damage, and movement speed more than other tanks.

Sprayer(from machine gun) -

Gunner(from machine gun) -

Destroyer(from machine gun)-

Assassin(from sniper) -

Overseer(from sniper) -

Hunter(from sniper) -

Trapper(from sniper) -

Triple Shot(from twin) -

Quad Tank(from twin) -

Twin Flank(from twin or flank guard) -

Tri-Angle(from flank guard) -

Auto 3(from flank guard) -

Level 45

Auto Gunner(from gunner) -

Gunner Trapper(from gunner) -

Streamliner(from gunner) -

Hybrid(from destroyer) -

Annihilator(from destroyer) -

Ranger(from assassin) -

Stalker(from assassin) -

Overlord(from overseer) -

Necromancer(from overseer) -

Manager(from overseer) -

Overtrapper(from overseer) -

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